Ngo organizations in Washington

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are essential to helping many people around the world. In Washington State, there are a plethora of NGOs that have made an impact on individuals and communities alike. These organizations work hard to provide assistance with health care, education, shelter, food access, legal services and more. In this blog post we will explore some of the best NGOs in Washington State that you should consider supporting if you’re looking for ways to help those in need.
The first organization is Northwest Harvest. This Top Ngo in Washington works tirelessly throughout the state to ensure everyone has access to healthy food regardless of their financial or social situation. They do this by operating a network of 375 food banks and partner agencies that offer free meals at schools across all 39 counties in Washington as well as providing over 2 million pounds of produce each year through their fruit & veggie programs. The organization also works with local farmers who donate fresh fruits and vegetables so they can be distributed directly into communities where it’s needed most. Additionally, Northwest Harvest offers nutrition classes for adults and children alike which helps educate people about how they can make healthier eating choices no matter what resources are available to them financially or geographically speaking.
Second on our list is Fare Start – a Seattle based non-profit dedicated to giving individuals experiencing homelessness or poverty an opportunity at a new life through job training initiatives related primarily culinary arts but also business development courses too! Their approach combines classroom instruction along with hands-on experience in commercial kitchens where participants learn valuable skills such as cooking techniques from professional chefs while also gaining teamwork experience working alongside others facing similar challenges as themselves – ultimately leading up towards being placed.