In order to get ahead in your SEO activities, it becomes essential to monitor and track the position of your targeted keywords for your website on the Search engine results page (SERP). But how many Keyword Rank Tracker tool are fast and providing accurate rankings ? I know many of you are tired of using an old keyword rank tracker.

But don’t worry, here comes Serpple Most Advanced Keyword Rank Tracker tool that is crafted to provide you ranking data fast with 99.5% Accuracy.

Serpple is an all in one modern Free Seo tool that is crafted with many features that makes you plan and uplift your Seo Progress.

Serpple’s Most Advanced Keyword Rank Tracker tool that includes several notable inclusions such as the option to provide correct ranking data for bulk keywords, location-specific ranking data, customized ranking reports, mobile keyword ranking details, instant refreshes, featured snippets tracking, customizable grids, instant notifications to know changes in keyword rankings and competitor insights etc…

Serpple doesn’t stop with a Keyword rank tracker, there are yet more features that you cannot miss on your organic traffic planning,

Search Volume — Get entire and accurate search volume history for your keywords.

Competitor Tracker — You can able to track your competitor rankings and compare with yourself.

Schedule Report — Can send instant sharable reports of your Keyword project.

Thus, Serpple’s Most Advanced Keyword Rank Tracker will be perfect tool to check your rankings effectively. So, make a best use of it and plan your SEO strategy in a better way in order to stay ahead of your competitors in SERP.

Happy Serppling !!!