Mohabbat Satrangi Drama, Episode 7

Watch Episode 7 of Mohabbat Satrangi Drama on our website. On February 17, 2024, Mohabbat Satrangi will premiere its seventh episode, featuring the marriage of Alina (Tuba Anwar) and Ahsan (Junaid Naizi). A lavish wedding attracts family and friends. When Ahsan finally shows Alina affection, they both adore their union. Safina (Samina Ahmed), Alina's mother, disapproves of Ahsan following their divorce. Despite her parents' worries, Alina hopes the marriage succeeds. The honeymoon of Alina and Ahsan portends marital problems. A gripping story, likeable characters, and gorgeous visuals entice viewers to watch how the couple overcomes their challenges. Samina Ahmed, Shahood Alvi, Tuba Anwar, and Junaid Naizi are among the actors.