Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation

We process the attestation of educational, non-educational, and commercial documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Certificates issued Outside UAE:

The original document is to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country. You can get the certificates attested by either UAE's Embassy, the UAE Consulate in the issuing country or the foreign mission abroad. The application goes through Mofaic online channels. The final step is Mofa Attestation in the UAE to accept the documents for local use inside UAE.
Certificates issued inside UAE:

All the certificates you submit must be original. The mofa will not accept any certificates copies or laminated certificates. The relevant authority inside UAE must attest to the original certificates before submitting the documents to the Mofaic process. In the case of commercial certificates, the documents can be certified electronically by the Chamber of Commerce or any Free zone authority. You can then get the certificates attested by the embassy or consulate inside UAE to use the documents abroad or in your home country.