IsoPropyl 2-Bromo IsoButyrate Manufacturers In Mumbai

Relic Chemicals stands out as a reputable producer and provider of IsoPropyl 2-Bromo IsoButyrate in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. IsoPropyl 2-Bromo IsoButyrate, with its chemical formula C7H13BrO2, represents a significant compound in the realm of organic synthesis and chemical manufacturing. This ester is characterized by the presence of an isopropyl group attached to a 2-bromo isobutyrate moiety. Its diverse applications span various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and speciality chemicals. Isopropyl 2-Bromo IsoButyrate is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis, serving as a building block for the creation of complex molecules and medicinal drugs. Bromo functionality adds reactivity, making it an important component in the development of various chemical structures. The compound's versatility extends to its use in agrochemicals, where it contributes to the production of insecticides and herbicides. Its function as a predecessor in the development of pesticide formulations emphasizes its importance in agricultural activities, particularly crop protection and pest management. Isopropyl 2-Bromo Isobutyrate is used extensively in pesticide and herbicide formulations. Its Bromo functionality increases reactivity, making it an important precursor for developing effective pesticide formulations. This compound's role in crop protection and pest management emphasizes its importance in agriculture. Relic Chemicals offers IsoPropyl 2-Bromo IsoButyrate of exceptional quality at an affordable price.