Invisible Braces in Mitcham Dental Clinic

Invisalign, often known as clear braces or invisible Braces, is a method of teeth straightening that does not employ traditional wires and brackets. Clear trays, commonly known as aligners, are used by Invisalign to gradually straighten your teeth.

When teeth are not crooked or crowded, food and plaque are less likely to become trapped between them, lowering the risk of plaque development, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Straight teeth can help avoid headaches, face and jaw discomfort, and TMJ.

When your teeth are crooked, your bite isn't even, and you're putting all of your biting energy on the weaker, more susceptible regions of your teeth. A good bite with straight teeth allows you to maintain your teeth for a longer period of time.

Every two weeks, the tray is replaced, gradually shifting your teeth to their perfect position.

Invisible braces are often more effective than wire braces, with an average treatment length of 12 months versus 2-3 years.

The most obvious advantage of transparent braces is that they are nearly undetectable in your mouth. Clear aligners are far less noticeable than regular braces.

Traditional braces are usually worn for 2-3 years, whereas transparent braces are only worn for one year.

Most patients experience a minor pressure after inserting a new aligner, but there is usually no pain. Traditional brace tightening visits are often uncomfortable for many patients.

Invisible Braces may be removed when brushing your teeth, making it considerably easier to clean your teeth than traditional braces.

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