INIFD Borivali Mumbai – Fashion Designing Courses & Interior Design Institute in Mumbai

One of the well-known American Fashion Designer once quoted, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” This quote stands as a witness to all the world-class fashion moments recorded in history. Fashion not only transforms a personality, but it also adds few more hues of confidence and charm to the wearer. With the growth of social media, Indian customers have started adopting western trends.

Spaces, interiors are not just mere places of accommodations, but are story tellers. Beneath loosely hanging curtains, thick carpet lies a world which takes you beyond your imagination! An interior designer writes a whole story through his design strategies. Here, at INIFD Mumbai Borivali, we teach you this art so that you can master it in future! May it be conventional forms of design or modern, sustainable interior design, INIFD Borivali has got you covered on your every interest

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