Comparing Laravel with Other popular PHP Frameworks for Better Application Developments

PHP is considered to be the most popular programming language and modern framework around the world, being used in most of projects. And among the top modern PHP frameworks Laravel, Symfony and Yii, Laravel is leading the topmost position. Before going deep into comparing Laravel vs. Symfony, and Laravel vs. Yii, let’s go through an overview of them.
Symfony : This is a set of reusable PHP components, that enables the developer in creating scalable, high-performance applications. The PHP developer has complete authority to choose from 30 components and work in a RAD environment. It allows easy database integration with third-party applications and can also be used with popular front-end frameworks such as AngularJS.
Laravel : Laravel is known to be the most popular framework for web artisans offering an excellent community. In 2015, it had offered a long-term support version for two years and many hosting companies provide Laravel support for their applications.
Yii : Yii is a secure, high-performance and fastest PHP framework. It is also considered to be a fast PHP framework that utilizes the composer dependency manager. Another additional feature is the jQuery integration that enables front-end developers to get the framework quickly.
So, all this proves that Laravel is leading among the other PHP frameworks. Some of the other reasons are as listed below:
MVC Support
Database Migration
Object-Oriented Libraries
Authorization technique
Lumen-Micro framework
All the three PHP frameworks- Symfony, Laravel, and Yii are considered the excellent option that ensures provide a full-stack development environment for the developers. However, the Laravel framework is always considered the best for rapid application developments and tops the rest.