Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Australia

Alternative dispute resolution. Maintain a working relationship with your former partner after separation, especially if there are children

For the sake of your family, especially your children, after a separation, it is important, if at all possible to do so, to maintain a working relationship with your former partner alternative dispute resolution. If only for a short period of time to help negotiate a resolution of financial and children’s issues. Seek a resolution of such issues that best suits your children, yourself, and your former partner.

Importantly, try and avoid the emotional and financial stress of litigating these matters in the Family Court.

If you require assistance to resolve such issues, there are many forms of alternative dispute resolution that DO NOT involve Court proceedings.

Of the following celebrities, which ones used litigation to resolve their disputes, and which ones used alternative dispute resolution? Which ones were involved in vitriolic public slinging matches portrayed in the media worldwide which provided detailed information about their relationship.? Madonna, Uma Thurman, Robin Williams, Tiger Woods, Paul McCartney, and Ashley Cole.

Madonna, Uma Thurman, and Robin Williams used alternative dispute resolution processes with very little, if any, information being provided publicly to the world. We all know about the public breakdown of the relationships between Paul McCartney and Heather Williams, Tiger Woods, and Ashley Cole who went down the litigation path.

The lesson to be learned is that at all costs try to avoid a litigated resolution.

There are numerous studies showing the substantial harm which can be inflicted on children in high conflict divorces when parents use the Courts as a means of addressing deep emotional pains that they have suffered as a result of their separation. The Courts do not have the power to remedy such emotional issues. The Courts, even with the best intentions…