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Welcome To Aakash Group Packers & Movers With An Unbiased, Reliable And Powerful Team, Aakash Group Packers & Movers became A Way Appreciated Name Among A Couple Of Top Trusted And Dedicated Packing And Moving Companies In Kolkata And Across The Boundaries Of India.

One of the top relocation companies in Kolkata, Aakash Group Packers & Movers are leading packers & movers of residential goods, corporate goods, machinery, four-wheelers, two-wheelers, electronic good panel, laboratory equipment, components, etc. We offer services in metropolitan cities and small cities and also ensures timely delivery and total safety of the customer’s goods. Our professional and expert team members pack & move all the items in excellent condition. Since 1995, the company is in business to serve customers with pride & quality. They have branches in different locations, providing a wide coverage area.

Aakash Group Packers & Movers have a comprehensive array of various kinds of the necessary equipment to accomplish their services. Have a look in our website www.aakashgrouppackers.com

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